JLCooper's Kontroll-Stasjon-Teknologi brukes i lydproduksjon, video post og multimedia produksjon i et vidt spekter av jobber. Adobe Systems, Avid, Dalet, Media 100, Emagic, Editing Technologies, Merging Technologies, Radius, SADiE, Sonic Solutions, Soundscape, Spectral, Strassner, Sundance, TAO og mange andre tilpasser sine produkter til JLCooper's kontroll-interface.
  • CS-1 Control Station
  • CS-10/2 Professional Control Station
  • CS-Edit CS-10/2 Programming System

  • CS-1 Control Station

    Mice are handy for word processing or general use. For precision audio, video and MIDI editing you need an input device that lets you concentrate on your project, not on your computer.

    The CS-1 Control Station is an easy-to-use mouse replacement for hard disk-based recording systems and MIDI sequencers. The CS-1 features conventional controls that look and feel like a tape recorder transport, with large buttons for Record, Play, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind. A footswitch input permits hands-free operation, and the smooth, optically encoded jog/shuttle wheel provides precise positioning and effortless "scrub" editing.

    The CS-1 with Disk-Based Recorders
    The CS-1 functions as an integrated component with Digidesign's Sound Tools and Session 8, and makes recording and editing fast and easy.

    The CS-1 with Sequencers
    It can be used to control Opcode's Studio Vision, Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer, Passport's Pro6, Emagic's Logic Audio, Steinberg's Cuebase Audio and other popular sequencing programs.

    The CS-1 as a Universal Controller
    The CS-1 can control desktop video, multimedia and animation software, too. The new 2.0 update for Macintosh lets you program all wheel and key commands to make the CS-1 work with any program.

    The CS-1 2.0 Remote Software*
    The CS-1 Remote Editor/Librarian software for the Macintosh (included) allows you to create custom presets that you can save to disk. You can program the CS-1 to trigger any keyboard or mouse command. It lets you create a personalized control station for any Macintosh software program.


  • Convenient Control for Disk-Based Recording/Editing Systems
  • Adds Professional Tape Recorder Style Controls to any Software
  • Programmable Footswitch Input
  • Works with Music, Video, and Multimedia Software
  • Dual ADB ports*
  • 28 Different Switch Combinations
  • Also Available:

    CS-1 MIDI - Now with MMC
    CS-1 RS-232
    CS-1 9-PIN

    * Indicates Mac Version

    Pris: 4.950.- inkl. mva.

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