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MIDI switchers! til Phillip Rees hovedside

Select a selector

You can avoid plugging and unplugging MIDI cables with these simple switch boxes. The popular 5S is a rotary selector with 5 positions plus an 'off' position. The bigger 9S is similar, but with 9 positions plus 'off'. The little 2S offers two ways plus an 'off' position. The novel 3B is a 3-into-2 changeover unit.


2S photo

Low-cost accessory

The high quality three position slide switch in the 2S has three positions - marked 'A'. 'O' and 'B'. In position 'A' the centre socket is connected to the left hand one. The centre position ('o') is the off position, in which none of the sockets is linked. Position 'B' links the centre and right hand sockets.

The case of the 2S is very compact 58mm x 69mm x 23mm - the same as our V3.

2S diagram

The 2S MIDI Selector can be used as a source or destination selector.

Pris i Norge: 275.- (inkl. mva.)

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5S photo

Simple MIDI routing switch

The useful 5S is simply a passive rotary selector switch in a box. Like all our MIDI Selectors, it requires no external power, so you don't have to bother with batteries or mains leads and supplies.

5S diagram

There are five DIN sockets for the 'rim' connection, and one for the 'hub' connections. The rotary selector switch has six positions - which can link the 'hub' to any one of the 'rim' connectors, or the special off position.

Works in either direction.

5S as a source selector

The 5S can be used as a source selector - that is with five inputs and one output. For example, you may use it on the input of your sequencer or music computer, to choose which of your keyboards, drum machines or other controllers is linked through - without the hassle of plugging and unplugging the cables.

5S as a destination selector

Less commpnly, the bidirectional 5S can be used as a destination selector. You could select one of up to five different slave devices from a simple rotary switch next to your keyboard.

Robust enclosure

The 5S is housed in a sturdy 109mm x 109mm x 40mm black box. The five 'rim' connections are on one side, the 'hub' socket is on the opposite side and the control knob is mounted on the front.

Pris i Norge: 575.- (inkl. mva.)

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9S photo

Big MIDI switch box

The 9S is like an extended version of the 5S, so it needs not batteries or mains supply.

9S diagram

There are nine DIN sockets for the 'rim' connections, and one for the 'hub'. The rotary 'route select' switch has ten positions - which can link the 'hub' to any one of the 'rim' connectors, or the off position.

Pris i Norge: 790.- (inkl. mva.)

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3B photo

Novel MIDI junction box

The 3B has five MIDI ports. The three on the left hand side are called '1', '2' and '3' and you will normally use them as inputs to the selector. The two ports on the right hand side are marked 'A' and 'B' and normally act as outputs from the selector.

3B switchi position diagram

You turn the ROUTE SELECT knob fully clockwise to set the switch to position x. In this position, port 1 is linked to A, port 2 is linked to B, and no link is made to port 3.

When you turn the knob to the centre detent position (y) port 1 is still linked to A, but port 3 is linked or B, and port 2 is disconnected.

Finally, you turn the knob fully anticlockwise to select position z, which links ports 2 to A and 3 to B, leaving port 1 unconnected.

Example applications of the 3B

An example 3B application

In the above example, position x would link the keyboard to the MIDI-in of the computer. The computer MIDI-out would go to the input of the sound module. You may use this when running a sequencer program on the computer.

Position y offers you two-way communications between the computer and sound module. You may use this arrangement for patch editing or dumps.

Finally position z offers the keyboard direct access to the sound module. This would be useful for an ordinary performance - even with the computer switched off!

Pris i Norge: 575.- (inkl. mva.)

MIDI! til Phillip Rees hovedside

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